Cataclysm beta boomkin build and other shenanigans.


Taking a look at th new beta information released, and I’ve cobbled together what I think would be a decent boomkin build.


I took all of the balance talents except for owlkin frenzy, (you shouldn’t be taking much damage if you have a competent tank,) and Genesis (dots and hots are not my focus.) I picked up Blessing of the grove, (buff moonfire direct damage by 6%), Furor (6% more int=more mana&more crit), and lastly perseverance (6% spell damage mitigation, tanks can’t stop that..)

For solo play, I might swap owlkin and perseverance as I WOULD be getting pounded on more.

HERE is my initial thoughts on a feral tank build.

I skipped the following talents: Brutal Impact, Nurturing Instinct, Endless Carnage, and Nom Nom Nom.

Brutal Impact – bash isn’t one of my frequently used skills in bear form (pounce is cat form of course.)

Nurturing Instinct –  I’m da tank, not da healer.

Endless Carnage – Rake is for cats, Savage roar and pulverize are good skills, but I think i need the 6% magic damage redux more.

nom nom nom – cat form..

I picked up the following talents: Blessing of the grove, Furor, and Perseverance

Blessing of the grove – gives me 4% bonus to claw and shred (not useful for bear, but opens next tier)

Furor – gives me 60% chance for 10 rage on shifting to bear (useful, but needed to open next tier)

perseverance – 6% reduction of spell damage – finally some magic defense.

HERE is my thoughts on a kitteh build.

Skipped these : Primal Fury, Nurturing Instinct, Natural Reaction, and Survival Instincts

Primal Fury – rage = bear, this is a kitteh build.

Nurturing Instinct – again, we are not heals

Natural Reaction – dodge for bear, we are kitteh.

Survival Instincts – I don’t worry that much about OS buttons, kitties should be behind the target, not getting pounded on. If I am, then the fight has wierd mechanics or the tank stinks.

I picked up these: Blessing of the Grove, Furor, Natural Shapeshifter (1/3)

Blessing of the Grove – 4% buff to claw/shred

Furor – keep 60 energy shifting to cat

Natural Shape shifter 1/3 – only had one point left, was either cheaper shape shift or survival instincts, figured i would shift more than panic.

don’t worry healers, i haven’t forgotten you.

HERE is my build.

I skipped 2 resto talents : Furor and Natural Protection

Furor doesn’t buff resto at all

Natural protection requires you getting crit which shouldn’t be happening.

I picked up 3 balance talents : Natures grace, Genesis, and Moonglow

Natures Grace – spell crit = 20% haste

Genesis – swiftmend and hots improved by 3%

Moonglow (1/3) – had one left over, moonglow helps reduce mana cost slightly

I welcome any questions or comments.

One Response to “Cataclysm beta boomkin build and other shenanigans.”

  1. I have mixed feelings about the new 31 point trees. and the change to TOL form.

    I can’t wait to try tossing some mushrooms. but, the TOL form on cooldown is just plain wierd..

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