Urgals have horns d@$% it.


Was puttering about on facebook and discovered this page..

I was instantly of two minds on this, when I first saw the movie Eragon, I liked it..

That was before I read the book. Since then, I have read Eragon, Eldest, and Brisinger and thoroughly enjoyed reading all three. I can’t wait for the author to finally release the 4th part of the trilogy…

But, after reading Eragon, I saw the movie again on some cable channel or another and was almost disgusted by how much creative liberty the screenwriter took. I would like to see the eragon series brought to life, but they did such a poor job on the first try that I do not think they will manage to salvage the story enough for Eldest to really work as intended.

There are many movies I would love to see made that are inspired by books. The difficulty is bringing to life all of the non-sensory cues that a writer is able to use.

Take Roger Zelazney’s Chronicles of Amber for instance. How could anyone possibly put into movie form  any of the shadow shifting sequences that essentially form the setting of the story? Granted for a story that long (10 individual novels)  it would have to be a multi-part movie or tv miniseries. A person can only accept so much surreality before their mind shuts off and so does their desire to watch further installments.

I think the screenwriters for the LOTR movies did a moderately good job of staying true to the story, they did take plenty of liberties with the story, but in general, it was well done.

The screen adaptation of the first Harry potter was quite close to the book, but each successive movie got more and more fragmented. Take half blood prince for instance, they completely fabricated the whole field burning fight scene at the weasley home.

I am hopeful that the two part movie for Deathly hallows will be a good one. Even with all the liberties they have taken with HP, the movies have been good.

One Response to “Urgals have horns d@$% it.”

  1. Having not read the book, I have no axe to grind other than I just loved how they caught the (imagined, to me) thrill of dragonflight in Eregon, and I was disappointed that there was no sequel … or, are you saying, there IS one coming?

    I think Amber might come in fairly short compared to the books due to a couple of things. First, the books are REALLY short. Second, some of the sequences take longer to describe than it would take to show, such as the drive from Shadow Earth to Amber-ish territory. Picture, 1000 words, et cetera.

    One other problem is that the series isn’t finished 😦

    I would love to see someone that knew what they were doing to make a movie out of what we have, though.

    I didn’t feel too bad about LotR. A lot of what was cut was to make the most tedious parts of the book – i.e. the travels in Mordor – less tedious. And yet, I still fast forward through most of that. Frodo suffers, I get it. 🙂

    Someday I have to watch the HP movies. I’ve gotten over myself enough to admit I would like to 🙂

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