Hell hath no fury (swipes) like a girlfriend scorned.


Was reading the spugnort newsletter and saw this little jewel.

To the gamer guys out there, some words of caution…

  1. If you are going to the store for cigarettes/beer/whatever… logout.
  2. If something like this happens to you, there are better ways of dealing with your anger.
  3. Pay attention to your d@#% girlfriend. Having 4 lvl 80’s is quite a feat, but they can’t keep you warm on a cold night.

To the video game widows out there, I can understand your frustration with your man… But, please don’t do something this drastic…

A more constructive outlet would be to get your own account, go online with him to show him you are willing to explore his hobby with him, and encourage him to reciprocate. If all else fails, seduce him online to get him to unplug…

To the friends of the gamer guys, you could always host an intervention

3 Responses to “Hell hath no fury (swipes) like a girlfriend scorned.”

  1. Or men – smarten up and convince your girlfriend/wife to play with you.

    Nothing quite like a, “Oh, you’re in a ICC-25man run? No, don’t quit to barbeque. We’ll get some take out. You don’t mind if I watch, do you?”

    And if you’re really smart, get your girlfriend/wife in that same run! 😀

    • lol. Sadly, my own better half has zero interest in games like WOW… Farmville is another story. Then again, the house would completely fall apart if we both got into wow seriously. Laundry wouldn’t ever get done, neither would dishes, giving the kids baths, feeding the kids, ect..

      • Heh, definitely. We have days like that where you get really involved with things and then you’re suddenly wondering why you’re hungry and dehydrated. 🙂

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