Lock, stock and two smoking barrels


So, I played around with Tirillia my warlock last night, I killed an hour or so that I should have spent studying, cleaning, or sleeping. But, I was puttering around in felwood, at lvl 49 toying with the deadwood tribe a bit. I would like to make it safe to travel, that I can finally pass through to winterspring and moonglade. On a lark I joined the LFD tool, and several minutes later I was surprised by an invite. Well, I walked into BRD and found myself with a pally tank, a tree druid, a rogue and a mage. Not a bad group makeup, being an affliction lock, I normally run with my old imp loaded to use as a mana battery, and the group health buff.

Ok, while the buffing is going on, I toss a soulstone on the tree and prep a healthstone just for me. We putter along a short ways, and boom.. The pally loses agro and the tree bites it. The tree promptly releases and starts running back, and I mention… You have a soulstone on you. … Duh…. Oops… later, when the cool down is up, I stone the tree again. And I make sure the tree knows it. During a trash fight right before a boss, the tank dies, the tree dies, the tree comes back, dies again, the rest of us then wipe…

The pally starts going off on the tree and how worthless s/he is and I make a mental note, DPS slowly (and by slowly I mean Effing slow!!)… I whisper the mage to give him a bit more time before opening up and he said he was thinking the same thing.. Once established that we had a barely there tank, I just started happily tossing around dots and wanding things to death. Even then, I frequently got agro off the tank, and had to run to him and stand in the consecrate doing nothing till it left me alone.

The rogue left somewhere in there, and we replaced with a priest, luckily, as the tree left later to be replaced by a boomkin, the mage left in favor of a warrior… Eventually we got where we were going and finished our random daily target. The pally was a rock star tank in his own mind… but simply couldn’t generate the needed agro.

The highpoint of the night, was dinging 50, learning rank1 talent version of unstable affliction and starting to toss that round instead of immolate. Since I dinged, I also on returning to the mainland made my way to the eastern kingdoms to find a warlock trainer and pickup the things I was missing, including my dreadsteed. That run in no way encouraged my warlock ego… It was successful in that we met the objectives, but the group turnover was atrocious.

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