Vanilla content memory – Linken’s Quest


In my opinion, one of the coolest questlines of vanilla wow was the one starting in ungoro centered on the amnesiatic gnome called linken. Back in the day, Brusaoiri was the first of my toons to do the quest, and he still has linken’s sword and boomerang in his bank. The boomerang was a great trinket back when trinkets were not easy to come by. The quest would take you from ungoro to winterspring and off to other places before restoring the poor gnome’s memory. and him turning his quest over to you. I wonder how many people bother with linken anymore, i bet the poor guy gets lonely out there in the crater.

(pop culture reference for the kids – linken is representing Link from Nintendo’s Zelda franchise, he is known for wearing a lot of green, and using a boomerang and a sword/shield. Link’s adventures revolved around protecting princess Zelda and the triforce artifact from the evil gannondorf. Later installments involved mastering the manipulation of time to stop the end of the world, and trying to wake a sleeping egg.)

What is your favorite pop culture reference in the game?

There is a very exhaustive list located here

2 Responses to “Vanilla content memory – Linken’s Quest”

  1. Before looking at the references, also in Un’goro are these two guys in overalls with hammers:


    Hmmm, lets drop those “n”s.


    That’s still not right. Lets switch the first letter:


    There we go!


    And on another note, is that the questline that gets you kicked across the world?

    • The 13 quest chain starts in a little pond in ungoro, where you find a wrecked raft. under water nearby is a waterlogged pack with some items in it.

      You go from ungoro to feralas to ungoro to tanaris , you have to die, then open a gravestone, then off to ungoro then felwood then tanaris then back to ungoro

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