Cataclysm Boomkin first look


Ok guys, this is experimental data to the extreme. But while BBB is drooling over the NomNomNom talent, I’m ready to preen my feathers a bit looking at the balance tree.

Looking at the talent tree for a moment, this is my initial thoughts on a raiding boomkin build.

Point 1. Solar Beam (3rd tier) You summon a beam of solar light over the enemy target’s location, interrupting the enemy target and silencing all enemy targets under the beam within 10yds while active (10sec)

ok, ranged silence attack = teh awesome.

Point 2. Lunar Justice (4th tier) when you kill a target that yields xp or honor, a ray of moonlight will shine underneath the fallen enemy instantly restoring 6% of your base mana to you or the first ally who stands underneath it.

hm, great for pally tanks, or healers that like to get too close to the action..

Point 3. Starsurge (5th tier) you fuse the power of the moon and sun, launching a devestating blast of energy at the target causes x to y Spellstorm damage to the target and knocking them down.

This is an interesting spell, i would use it for soloing probably, when ranked up i’m sure it’s quite strong. I wonder if there is going to be a positional modifier for damage received. ie. if you are knocked down, you would be prone, and so would receive more melee damage. It also introduces a new damage type, spellstorm. (unless that is how the frostfire bolt of the mages is described.) how would you setup resistances for this for pvp? so far I like it tho, if the target is knocked down, they can’t be chewing off my face.

Point 4. Euphoria (7th tier) when you crit with wrath or starfire, you instantly gain an additional 4 lunar or 8 solar energy. when you reach an eclipse you instantly are restored 12% of your total mana.

Ok, what I see from this is that boomers will want to stack crit (as if they didn’t already) to push their lunar/solar bar to eclipse faster. as a form of mana regen. The one thing boomers will not want to do, is maintain a balance between solar/lunar energy.

How I envision a shot rotation being, is moonfire (for dot), IS (for dot) starfire (to extend moonfire dot) till eclipse then on eclipse (which i think i read somewhere resets the sun/moon bar) wrath till buff expires.

point 5. skipping owlkin frenzy, as in a group the boomkin shouldn’t be taking physical damage.

point 6. Improved Eclipse (9th tier) – increases the amount of lunar or solar energy generated by 30% and when crit by a melee or ranged attack will instantly generate 6 lunar or solar energy.

again, in a raid/group you shouldn’t be getting hit by melee or ranged, but.. again shows they want boomers eclipsing more and more.

Point 7. Fungal Growth – when your treants die or your wild mushrooms are triggerd, you spawn a fungal growth at its wake covering the area within 8 yards slowing all enemy targets by 70%.

this tells me that not only boomers will be able to learn the mushroom. and what a trap that makes for the mushroom.. i’m expecting it to be explosive nature damage for the mushroom itself, then add on a 70% slowdown for 8 yard circle. Brilliant!!

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