The ditzy herbalist


Back before the alliance took the war to northrend, Kattrinsaa was happiest flying around outland picking herbs to make potions and elixirs. One day word of a recently opened place caught her long ears. This was an area where events replayed constantly, and judging by the name was an herbalists paradise.

Poor katt scoured tanaris for the entrance, eventually finding it and the ferocious guard dragons. Descending into the depths, katt found the portals leading to different pivotal events in our history. And when joined by some friends, helped bust thrall out of jail, and protected medivh as the crazy old coot opened the dark portal letting in all that unpleasantness. Once even joined a great number of friends and visited mount hyjal’s portal. that was an intense battle.

But, after all the time there didn’t find any secret stash of plants to be harvested.. So, katt has always wondered why the place is called the caverns of thyme..

2 Responses to “The ditzy herbalist”

  1. ~groans~ I admit, I laughed, but oooh, that was bad. 😉

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