Adventures of Dynial – Blanco


Like many a young elven hunter, I spent my youth in the giant tree island we all know and love. I could have my pick of virtually any critter to accompany me. Most of my life I had an owl at my side despite other people’s dislike of his constant screeching.

My fondest memory tho is the day I first met Blanco. I was in Winterspring running an errand for some silly gnome with amnesia that washed up in the Ungoro  Crater. I liked the look of the area so I started exploring. It never snows in Teldrassil so it was a novelty to me, fresh, fine, powder the best kind of snow. It’s not that I haven’t seen snow before, far from it.. I have this pen friend in Ironforge, but for some reason the snow there always seems grey. Probably soot from the forges running non-stop there. Anyway, the snow in winterspring is of a different sort.

I’m told actually that in gnomish there are some 600 different words to describe snow.. geeks…

Anyway.. I was wandering around with my longtime pet Eyrie, she is an owl from the hometree and we came across some paw prints in the fresh snow. They looked feline to me, and it looked like a good sized critter at that. I figured I could make a few coins off a nice pelt, so we started stalking our new prey.

After a while, we came across more tracks joining the set we were following, it looked like a pair of cats running together. Even better.. more skins for me. The tracks seemed even more recent, I knew we were getting close. I sent Eyrie off to scout around while I went from cover to cover. I found myself at the edge of a clearing that seemed to be used as a front porch for a den of some sort.

I was just about to move closer when I heard a low growl behind me. I turned slowly and saw the largest beast I had ever set eyes on. It was a white tiger with teeth like daggers. There was a fire in his eyes, I’m guessing he had met his share of hunters seeking his skin.

Thankfully I always keep a frost trap at the ready when i’m in the wilderness. He lunged at me and I dove out of the way. I managed to get the trap in place as I was standing back up. He stumbled into my trap and I was able to get a short distance away mentally yelling for Eyrie to get her feathered butt back to me. Just as the tiger was about to close in Eyrie divebombs him distracting him long enough for me to fit an arrow into my crossbow. Taking aim I catch the beast in the side of the chest dropping him on the spot.

Just as I was about to relax I heard an awful howl of anguish. From the trees barrels out a tigress also of pure white who pounces on Eyrie and rips one of her wings off. Enraged at the death of my companion I pull out my gun given to me by my dwarf friend. It’s loaded with a double dozen rounds of mammoth cutters. I fliped it to full automatic and unloaded on the creature. It took more shots than a dwarf during brewfest. I tried to heal Eyrie and wake him back up, but he was gone.. Forever.

I buried my faithful companion at the root of a nearby tree, and disposed of the tigresses carcass, as it was full of holes. Then proceeded to skin the male. At that moment, I didn’t know how to go on. I had lost my long time friend and companion. Even the hardiest of elf would break down from that much grief, and I was no exception.

I was sitting with my back to the tree where Eyrie was buried when I heard a little mewing. Startled I looked around and discovered a tiny white tiger cub. It dawned on me then that this was their den and they were protecting a cub. Parents get quite fierce protecting their children. There was so much sadness in the cub’s eyes, I could not leave him here alone. I had already orphaned him, I would not add abandonment to that. So I picked the little guy up and fed him and petted him, and named him Blanco. Like his parents, he was pure white. Soon he came to like me and followed me around. Over the years he has grown into a powerful hunting machine, a wonderfully faithful friend and companion.

I still miss Eyrie, but finding Blanco eased my pain some and training him gave me a purpose.

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