Schools of thought


Sadly, I haven’t been in game much the last few days. My inspiration has been on hold while taking care of my requirements to become a teacher.  Yesterday, I took a day off from work to go observe a teacher in action. It was an exhaustive day. But having been through it twice now, I feel confident that I will be able to one day soon do this for real. Discipline was not a problem with her class. I assume it is simply that they got used to the way she did things and didn’t want to jeopardize their freedoms.

What little play time I have had, I put into doing some small things to improve my mains, and then working on my alt server toons. For Katt of Kul-Tiras, one random heroic for frosties, for my engineer, farming mechanicals near uldar for the jeeves pattern. (got it)

on my latest alt server project, My moneybags DK is providing support to two small elves, one with bear claws, and the other with a bow. both of whom are now lvl 10. I haven’t picked my hunter’s first pet yet, trying to decide what to pick still. I think I may try to find a crab or turtle asap.

3 Responses to “Schools of thought”

  1. I’m such a wishy washy hunter.

    I WANT to be an avant garde elitist with some kind of exotic off the wall pet, like a scuttling crab or a spiky turtle or a flappy windserpent.

    But I always go sappy and get a kitty.

    I’ve got a low level Dwarf hunter I swore… SWORE was gonna go bear. Still has a bear pet so far at 24, but I just petered out, and I suspect part of it is pet dissatisfaction. 😦

    Good luck on your progress towards teaching, let us know how you’re doing!

    • I snapped up a blue crab on the shoreline under the auberdine FP. but, I will snare me a special kitty for when i’m grouping. I love the spectral kitty from the ruins northeast of auberdine. where you do the cat statues thing.

    • oh, on the teaching front, have an interview tomorrow (sat 6/5) afternoon. I’m really stoked.

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