Earth day: Recycled post


I was poking around and thought I would toss out my recycled post in the hopes that it got a few page views.

So, here ya go.. from 1/22/2010

For many years before playing wow, I dabbled in old fashioned MUD’s. (Multi User Domain/Dungeon for you youngsters that don’t know) I had two favorites, both of them were as expensive or more than what warcraft costs me now.   I liked these games because I was a fast reader and typist, so I could navigate my way around these worlds easily. They were completely text based, so my imagination took over as the world’s greatest graphics engine, the mental images more crisp and clear than some of todays top video cards could produce. Because of these games text based nature, it was a trivial matter to add new items and places to the game with zero downtime for the users.

One of my favorites was called Federation, it was a space based commercial and/or fighting game. (depending on your tastes) I favored commerce and created my  ship to reflect that. Big cargo holds, Big engines, Big shields, itty bitty weapon ports. I valued speed and defense over offensive capability. At some point in the game you were given the option to become a planet owner, and create your own world for others to land on, explore, and trade on. The various locations were limited only by your imagination and knowledge of the english language to describe it.

My other favorite was called Gemstone III (later renamed to Gemstone IV) It was a fantasy based RPG with swords and spells, Again, being a MUD it was text based. This game consumed much of my time in college (and money, depending on your desire to play it cost anywhere from 10 to 80 a month. (extra character slots, premium access, platinum access) I played as a premium user which gave me 10 character slots, a larger “locker” and access to build my own house!! With this game, it was common to setup scripts to do some of the playing for you, especially moving from one area to another, but more notoriously automating game play. It was a necessary evil to make scripts, the trip from one major town to the other major town took 5 minutes even on a script. Every time you levelled, you gained training points to customize your characters skills, there were trade skills of sorts, you could forge weapons, and you could fletch arrows when i last played. Armor crafting was in the works but hadn’t happened yet. The features that held the most interest for me were the player run guild hall, and the player owned home. The guild I was in, (twilight hall) had a nice little building on the outer ring of the main city.  Had a fully stocked bar, a maze, even a little pool you could toss stuff into for your hall members to grab later. It was a physical home away from home, in our digital home away from reality. The player created home, was entirely yours to decorate as you saw fit. you could purchase all sorts of decorations for it.

The reason I bring these things up from the depths of memory and poke and prod at them. is that I think player created areas would be an incredible feature for wow to develop, I know of other mmo’s that do have that available, but they just aren’t wow.. For example in wizard 101, you can buy your own property and decorate it. I know not what benefits you get from it, I never managed to spend enough time on the game to get to that point. In Guild Wars, you have a private guild area that you customize and upgrade to suit your needs.

We know that the next expansion will have the guild as a whole as an entity that grows, levels and evolves, perhaps we could have a physical location in game that we could build, fortify, defend, (assault? if it’s set pvp allowed?)

I could just picture a couple pvp guilds staging raids on each other for glory and honor attacking/defending full blown castles.. while other guilds have a secluded mountain hideaway designed to not be noticed where they could relax and prepare to take over the world.

I see such player created content as RP tools that could be used as money sinks to draw down some of the excess gold on the servers.

I welcome any comments on my ramblings.

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