faceplant halls of stone


Dont get me wrong, I like my guild (the people in it rather.) But, the other day we had the most rotten luck. We were trying to gear up a new spacegoat shaman healer. and drew heroic halls of stone. (for reference the healer gearscore was roughly 2200) mostly quest blues/greens a rather nice mixture of gear as one would expect of a new 80.

For once, I was in a DPS role instead of tanking with my face. Tho I couldn’t help myself and frequently switched specs and forms depending on the situation. It was an all guild run, and we held our own, but spent about an hour and a half wiping on the various bosses there. Ending with three straight fails at bronn’s event. I actually had to bow out of the group after that. (If I had remembered to re-install vuhdo i would have healed /twitch /twitch and let our new healer do something else that fight.) There was just too much damage to heal for the gear she had on. If I can help her out, i’d be happy to do a few TOC 5 normal runs as the gear in there is fairly good and is a resettable instance.

In other news, i’m trying to plot my upgrade path for what I still need for my feral set, and where to begin on my boomer set.

Feral – still need the 50 emblem helmet for 5 peices of tier set. (tho I might forgo that since there’s no 5 peice bonus.) Then I need rings/trinkets/amulet/relic/belt/pve boots and weapon.

Boomkin, I need to replace essentially everything, so that’s a lot of emblems..

No badges just emblems.

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