Paw N mouth disease


Ok, I admit it.. I changed my mind.. Previously, I took the stand that I don’t want to hear all of the various upcoming changes concerning cataclysm.. well.. I was wrong.

In addition to following the illustrious Big Bear Butt Blogger, I subscribe to OutDPS! because I enjoy the call to auction podcast that euripides is a co-host on.

well, my incoming rss feed all but shouted at me when this article came through, The proposed changes for hunters does interest me as much as proposed changes for druids. My first character was and remains a dwarf hunter. My druid was an alt that was initially kicked to the curb back in vanilla wow and didn’t become active till I was ready to send a character to raiding. (oddly enough because the guild needed more tanks at the time)

The hunter changes are very far reaching, I’ll let you read the article for yourself and comment later.

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