Good morning and good luck.


I had a productive morning. The baby woke up hungry at O530 (what’s the O stand for? Oh my Dog it’s early..), getting back to sleep wasn’t really an option for me tho. So since the rest of the house was still asleep, decided to get some wow time in finally. I’ve been in need of some new boots for my feral set, and had almost enough honor points to snare the ones from the champions hall in Stormwind. To get what remained.. I did random battlegrounds. I got dropped into two strand of ancient rounds which is not fun for alliance in our battlegroup. Finally got a WSG run which even alliance can’t muck up too bad. As it turns out, we got a perfect win, (probaby due to the early hour) so, honor points in hand it’s time to go get those boots. Finally got around to tossing a gem into my cloak, and now my new boots.

It’s still early, the kids are sleepin, ok.. random heroic, I sign up as tank/dps since I can.. naturally.. i draw tank, and get dropped in heroic pit, First thing comes to mind is oh @#$% not this one.. I’ve been in here like once on regular and was not tank then..  I tell the group (only polite thing to do given the circumstance) that I have not tanked this place, nor done it on heroic level and to please bear with me. (no pun intended since my bear butt was already showing.) I asked the hunter to MD to me as much as they could. I could not have asked for a better group to run this with. (and guys, if you are reading thank you so much for being patient with me, and sorry for the deaths that did happen.) in my group, we had Astra from Akama, and from Saurfang we had Zelus, Bia and Stov. I did not notice if they were from the same guild or not but it didn’t matter. Everyone was kind and helpful.

Knowing that I did not know the place, someone else marked and I went after those marks with gusto. They took the time to tell me about need to know tricks on fights or the tunnel gauntlet. And in the end, we had a really fun, successful run and if time had permitted, they were willing to continue on to the next wing. (sadly I had to leave.)

After all the stories over the last few months posted on mine and various other people’s sites, concerning outright asshattery, I wanted to post a shout out to 4 really nice guys/gals that I would group with again any day of the week, perhaps twice on Sunday?

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  1. 1 Rifter

    You know, I have had a LOT of luck lately healing Forge of Souls. Picked up 2 groups of guildies that needed a random healer, as they were gearing one of them. Amazing runs, both of them, great people. Wish they were on my server. Sounds like a similar experience.

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