Get a rope


There are days where you feel like going back to the old west, where the law was clear, and more often was decided when someone said “draw” than when a jury said guilty.

Last night, I hopped on after doing a bunch of work around the house, and discovered that Sarth was the weekly. That is an easy fist full of badges. Saw a guy asking for more people for a sarth run, and wanted to whisper spec and stats. So I tossed out my modest boomkin spec and naxx25 gearing (around 4k gearscore) and said i was ready, willing and able.

Well, he kept spamming trade chat for LFM but modified his spam to say was doing sarth 3d and needed a minimum 5k gearscore/6k dps. A debate ensued over gearscore vs skill (once again the trade trolls took over) and someone else piped up saying that they didn’t give a rats hind end about gearscores, and were creating their own run. So, I landed a spot in that run and managed the volcano acheivement. No loot for me, but i topped enough badges to get me a third peice (the leggings) of my triumph badge feral gear tier set. (and I still have two peice bonus for feral pvp triumph set. I was stupid and didn’t know to go to the leather goods vendor with triumph badges, spending them at the triumph vendor instead.. /facepalm) so now 60 triumphs to go to finish my feral set, and I can start updating my balance set from naxx 25 to something more powerful.

On to the point of my post.. It does not take a bloody gearscore of 5000+ to handle sarth, I understand that you need a lot of dps to handle the adds on 3d mode, but people were doing it long before Uldar, TOC, and ICC gear was available. It is redonkulous to require levels of gearscore that are that much higher than the content you are trying to do. It like requiring a full raid for hogger.. (actually did that once for laughs)

In other news, saturday night, my guild started dipping their toes in the raid pool, wanted to snare some gear for some new 80’s so we did patchwerk and spider wing. we were all quite rusty (those of us that had been there before) and had some difficulty with anub. (no not a noob..) But after the bettle from hell dropped, the rest of the spider wing was a cakewalk. Patchwerk is also sorta ez mode, but we tried to face grobbulus afterward… not a good fight to cut newbies teeth in on.

Well, other than wanting to string up someone for having insane raid requirements, was a good night.

Later all.

8 Responses to “Get a rope”

  1. Here’s to hoping Blizzard finds a way to shoot Gearscore and put it out of its misery.

  2. 2 Fangtastic

    Right on, most of the times people asking for crazy gear requirements are undergeared for the content themselves and are expecting to be carried.

    Grats on the achievement. 🙂

  3. 3 fiad

    hey a feral tank here, i know what you mean about gear score not being a true reflection on skill but on a flip side people with the best gear you can get (boss drops rather then emblem stuff) have had to have been skilled enought to down those boss’s its by no means a perfect system but there is some hollow truth behind it all

  4. 4 Gloomzy

    I will just question whether he was using the zerg strat, a much easier and thus less skillful version of the encounter. If this is so, and it usually is on my server, gearscores of 5k+ are needed to clear it.

    Basically, the old content was done with much more skill and much less gear =)

    • 5 Marsonis

      So true takes me back to vanilla WOW days when people actually used skill to down crap now this game is flooded with noobs so in order for blizzard to make everyone happy they lower the toughness of these raids.

  5. 6 Meka

    Yeah it’s rediculous to require gearscore. Even worse when weekly raid quest is flame leviathan and people ask for gearscore. EH?

    And on to the sarth3d. Zerging with 8 dps, 1 tank 1 healer requires a hard 4.5kdps from each and every of the dps to beat enrage timer, but 5000gs is not the same as 5000dps, and even in full triumph badge gear you can do that kind of dps :/

    I just find it silly that people require 6k+ dps for an encounter that can be done with half of that.. and you can be 100% sure that either the raidleader himself or one of his buddys are going to be there and underperforming so that the reason for the achivement/gearscore/dps requirement was just so they could be carried..

    If he was so hellbent on getting a certain performance out of people he should’ve have asked them to meet him at the training dummies in a capital city..

  6. The dance is he encounter that still pwns plenty of people and where gearscore is useless. Next time just say, I can dance!

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