a non-fail pug


So, been playing around with my new computer, really enjoying having 60 fps in dalaran instead of 2.. that 1gb video card does make a difference. I finally installed a game i bought a couple years ago, but couldn’t play on my old system, UFO:Afterlight. I have long been a fan of the XCOM turn based/squad stragety games. And now that I can play this one, I like it. Instead of playing wow all night last night, as is my custom when i have the house to myself. I alternated between moving furniture, playing UFO, playing FF13, and reading a book. (yes one of those things with bits of paper in between two cardboard rectangles.) around 11pm i thought, i havent done my transmute, guess i’ll pop in and do that before going to bed.

I had logged out by the emblem vendors in dalaran, so naturally my first thought was, how many emblems do i have, and can i buy anything? I had 43 frost, and 31 triumph at that moment. not being a top tier raider, i tend to hoard my frosts to buy the really good stuff. My first purchase will be the tanking cloak for 50 frosts. (hey i’m 7 short, guess i could do a daily random for 2 freebies.)

So, i did my transmute and shipped the cardinal ruby off to my AH mule. Then Q’d up. The display said i had a 13 minute wait. so I flew off to icecrown to try to take care of some AT dailys while i waited. I was fighting a bonehead commander on horseback when i got the summon. but for some reason, it didn’t port me in immediately. well I was fighting something guess it waits till you are out of combat. I chickened out of the fight and dismounted. still no port.. so i hit the eye and ported in manually.

By this time, our tank had already dropped (didn’t like Utgarde Pinnacle I guess, or was impatient having to wait for me.) Well, I’ve been picking up triumph badge level gear for my feral set, and my core armor is starting to look halfway decent. I told the group that I can tank it, would be faster to replace dps than a tank. they all were quite relieved to hear that. (i didn’t tell them  that I had never tanked UP before.. but it didn’t matter, I’d done it enough times that i knew all the fights.) We went through without a hitch, had an awesome shaman healer. she got frustrated with me a couple times for charging in before she was ready. After she said something I slowed it down and made sure she was at least at 60-75% mana before i ran ahead. The bosses all fell like dominoes one shot each time, even managed the king’s bane achievement. It was a blast, and we finished the run in about a half hour. Just in time for me to crash into bed before midnight.

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