Boomkin Basics (redux)


I was glancing over an old post of mine, and thought it should be updated a hair..

a lot has changed in a year, and I would be remiss to leave bad information lying around without comment.

I now feel confident that 1-20 should be levelled in caster form, dropping into bear only when threatened with an overwhelming mass. (talents in resto to get OOC are still my first target)

After that, feral is still a more viable midgame in my opinion, as you can get dungeon runs in an instant by clicking on tank. OOC is still useful in feral form, as a free swing (no energy/rage cost) really helps out when it pops up.

That is not to say that you can’t level as balance or resto, a balance caster can probably outlast a mage when soloing simply on armor differences and self heals. And by skipping the feral segment, you can concentrate on gear for a single purpose. (or two if you wish to heal.. another good way to get groups)

My comments on eclipse from the original post should be ignored.. eclipse is good, eclipse is your best friend. myself I tend to wrath till proc, then starfire till the proc runs out. In katt’s current gear (mostly naxx25 caster gear) I get chain crits over 10k routinely when under eclipses effect.

My typical rotations are as follows

single Trash: moonfire, wrath (till proc or dead whichever comes first), on proc Starfire till proc runs out.

pack trash: glyphed typhoon, hurricane (love it when i get an OOC proc from hurricane)

Bosses: Improved Faery Fire, Insect Swarm, moonfire, wrath till proc, starfire till end of proc, reapply IFF/IS as needed rinse and repeat. (hurricane adds as needed)

In my modest naxx25 gear, i run between 2100 and 2500 dps (depends on buffs)


As most of my regular readers know, i’m doing the family thing nowadays and not raiding anymore. (barring the occasional anub run when naxx is the weekly) Which reminds me, two weeks ago, i got roped into healing anub25, which i did in my boomkin gear/spec but in elf form. Even when specced for dps, we do make formidable healers. BUT, it’s much easier to heal a large group when you have that short cool down aoe heal

So my gear kinda stagnated as the guild i was in had only gotten past flame leviathan and the slagbelly dude when the family thing started taking more of my time.

Now, i’m getting emblems from 5man runs to work on my feral gear, which, I got the 30 emblem feral gloves last night, working on the chest peice next.. i’ll be glad to finally lose that blue crafted set.. Once i get my feral set up to scratch/claw/maul whatever.. then i’ll swap over and start replacing my caster naxx gear.

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