so, UI addon pack review


Well, as you can probably see, I haven’t posted an addon pack review yet. I may have spent 15 minutes in game since I posted that goal so I don’t have any first hand material just yet.

The pack of pickled peppers that peter piper picked, err.. sorry about that… the addon pack I selected is the Hunter UI which has a lot of nice features bundled together.

I have had to disable a couple of my normal addons to make things work right.  (for example, this pack has a bag management module, which while it doesn’t conflict with baggins all in one, it overlaps and makes things a touch confusing if both run concurrently.)

I’ll have some playtime tonight, the wife is out of town with the kids..

I will post an edit later on with my thoughts on this after playing with it a bit.

Included in this pack are

  • Deadly Boss Mods (no self respecting raider would be without this.
  • Atlasloot Enhanced
  • QuestHelper
  • GearScore
  • Recount
  • Curse Profiler 2.0
  • Omen Threat meter
  • X-Perl
  • Prat 3.0 – Chat/communication addon – helps clean up chat windows, colors channels, changes fades, adds character level in the window. tons of stuff.
  • Auctioneer
  • Quartz – casting bars/timers
  • Gatherer
  • Grid – unit frames
  • OmniCC – displays visual cooldown timers on abilities.
  • WIM – Wow Instant messenger – puts whispers in their own individual windows.
  • outfitter – wardrobe addon
  • ArkInventory – Bag management
  • SpartanUI – cleans up the default ui
  • FuBar 3.6 puts your stats and useful info where you want it.
  • IceHud – heads up display to show your, your pets, and your target’s health/mana
  • Fubar_MoneyFu – money tracker
  • LibRock-1.0 – development library
  • FuBar_DurabilityFu – tracks your repair bill
  • FuBar_LocationFu – tracks location, shows zone/subzone/coords/level ranges ect.
  • OmniCC_Pulse – gives pulse effect at end of cooldown
  • FuBar_GuildFu – shows guild members online
  • FuBar_FriendsFu – Shows friends online
  • FuBar_TopScoreFu – keeps track of highwater marks for your hits, crits, heals, crit heals.
  • FuBar_MailFu – keeps track of new mail
  • Recipe Book – Adds information to recipes on which alts know or can learn them. Color codes recipes in the auction house. Allows sharing of recipe data between accounts
  • Mounted – Random mount selector
  • Buffed! – Buff Frame

***** Evening Edit *********

Ok, played for a few hours this evening and came to the conclusion that I need to spend some serious time tweaking this setup and making sure all things that duplicate functions are turned off/disabled. Somehow in the 5 man run i was in, the party frame only had 4 people, but was duplicated because xperl overlayed the other party frame. i’m not sure what was what, so i’m going to have to pick this thing apart and figure it out, it might be a holdover from what i was using before. I also had an overlap between grid and xperl raidframes when i went into a battleground.. i was plastered with frames everywhere.

I also for some reason kept getting rejuvinate instead of pounce when prowling… i later discovered my mistake and cleaned up my actionbar for when stealthed. I felt real dumb sneaking up on a hordie and instead of pouncing.. i rejuvinated and then got slaughtered……… /facepalm

3 Responses to “so, UI addon pack review”

  1. Which one changes the screen’s aspect ratio and adds the black bars top and bottom?

  2. @crankyhealer I believe it is spartan UI,

    One thing that has bothered me a bit about this, is how fragging small the action buttons are. I can’t remember where the uiscale slider is to enlarge them some.

  3. That’s a nice looking UI.

    Aren’t the button bars handled by SpartanUI? I don’t use it (I use bartender), but maybe there’s an option in the spartanui config? Not sure the normal wow uiscale setting will affect it (btw isn’t that setting in video options?).

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