Manners in the real world


We often read about instances in WOW (and other games) of major asshattery thanks to the annonymity of the internet. Tonight, I witnessed some of the worst behavior of a real life flesh and blood person in a restaurant we were eating at.

The last few nights, I’ve been staying in a hotel to help my wife take care of our baby boomkin while she’s going to her classes. She takes online classes at an east texas school, and we live a number of hours away.. too far to commute.

We decided to dine out (sorta have to when staying in a hotel, at least one with no kitchen in the room.) and went to the seafood restaurant next door to the hotel. Both of us ordered a surf and turf platter (steak and shrimp actually) and it was one of the tastiest restaurant steaks i’ve had recently. (notice: I am not getting any benefit of recommending this restaurant.)

While we were there, an older couple (say early 60’s most likely) came in and was seated across the room from us, (give it a good 15-20 feet away.) while the waitress was walking by our table the elderly gentleman (using the term quite loosely) asked quite loudly of the waitress on the matter of ketchup that he had “requested a half hour ago,” since they got there no more than 15 minutes prior and they were seated after us he was exagerating to say the least.. Later on I heard him again asking to speak with a manager, meaning he wanted to complain about the service and/or food and try to get a free meal out of the restaurant.

Ok, guys and gals, food service is not easy work, you have long hours of serving food to all sorts of people, and having to silently accept criticism placed on you by uncaring adults thinking themselves above such menial work. The hours are long, you get paid a really low base pay and get to keep usually only a portion of the tip. This happened to be a small restaurant so it had only a few staff members to do the work.  Meaning the people serving were often stretched a bit thin over the tables they had.

Our waitress / dining experience engineer / whatever you want to call them, was exceptional to us. And she maintained a good attitude even in the face of such a grouchy and rude customer.

CALL TO ACTION : Folks, if you happen to go out to eat and see your server being mistreated by another customer, the next time you have the opportunity to talk to them give them some words of encouragement. A few kind words don’t cost you anything, but can mean the world to someone who needs them.

Tomorrow (hopefully) a review on an addon pack I found at curse.

One Response to “Manners in the real world”

  1. Excellent advice we’d all do well to follow. When I worked in customer service, just an acknowledgment of incredible rudeness observed by someone else could help me to know that 1) I wasn’t imagining it/being oversensitive, and 2) I wasn’t the only one who found it completely unacceptable. It’s the little things that help!

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