Reflections on the snow


Here we are in another Texas February. Which until today was fairly normal weather for this part of the state and time of year. 30-50 degrees during the day, occasional light rain, occasional bright sunny warm days that fool the flora and fauna into thinking spring has already come.

Then, WHAM. DFW gets buried in 6 inches of clean white powder. Schools are closed, the traffic has come to a standstill, and even the less crazed religious nuts start saying the end is near.

I’m an adopted Texan, meaning I wasn’t born here, but I got here as quick as I could. I come from a climate more tolerant to the lower extreme of weather.  Back in Vermont.. This would still be football weather. They would spraypaint the field with black lines instead of white so that the lines would show up under the light cover of snow. (6 inches is light up there…)

The ski industry would be quite put out up there if they only got 6 inches, it’s not really enough to cover the mountains well. yet silly people still strap strips of wood to their feet to slide down the mountains. or to even walk from one house to another.

There are times that I miss living up there, there is a kind of beauty in a pure white blanket (almost.. must watch out for the yellow areas and not eat those.) as far as the eye can see. There is joy in watching children race down hills on sleds with reckless abandon. There is much to laugh at when the neighborhood kids start attacking the snow plow driver because he will ruin their chances for a snow day the next morning. (must remember to rent snow day tonight on my way home.)

With the Vancouver Olympics slated to start tomorrow night, and they are having to truck snow in to cover the events.. I find it quite ironic that we are getting it when they need it. And while I admire the beauty that this snowfall gives, I would much rather that canada got it instead.

If the weather is too bad here, (icy roads) maybe I can stay home tomorrow and play some warcraft..

For those of you buried in the northeast, stay warm, stay safe, try to enjoy the snow if you can.

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