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I figgured it was time to drop a listing of what ui addons i like, what I would like to find/develop, and what I don’t like about the standard interface.

I putter around with a ton of various add-ons for different situations. Some are restricted to just one class or focus of a class, some are wide ranging and completely altar game play. Some are indispensable, others I can play fine when they are broken.

Viper notify – a semi-useful hunter only addon – since i have a few hunters in my stable, I like having it, but it only really affects two of my hunters currently. All it really does is annoy you when you are running aspect of viper and your mana level is over a certain threshold.

Squawk and Awe – a very useful spell suggestion add-on for when you are in casting form as a druid. (this one can cause errors if you have it active on a non-druid) it is quite modifiable with weighting and available spells. (I can play fine without it, but do better with it as it reminds me to toss insects and faery fire regularly. I have mine set for proccing eclipse to boost starfire) ie.. moonfire, wrath (till proc), Starfire till end of buff, reapply IS, FF, rinse/repeat. I do this rotation because i love seeing those 10-12k crits hitting back to back. I had a chain of 8 of them on a patchwerk fight.

Auctioneer – my auction management system of choice, anyone who hasn’t heard of this yet.. brush the rock dust off your tunic. – can run without it for a time, but needed if i want to make money.

Gatherer – Critical to me. All of my characters have at least one gathering profession and having gatherer keep track of where the goodies are saves me a ton of time and headaches. Even my skinner/leather worker runs it as it tracks treasure chests too.

X-Pearl – Rather extensible party/raid frame setup, preferred to classic wow raid frames.

Vuhdo – I don’t rely on this one as much now that my character turned over that old leaf and went back to feral for off-spec. – this is a good, well configurable whack-a-mole err.. healing interface for party/raids. depending on the click or modifier used different spells are cast on the frame’s matching target.

ATSW – Advanced trade skills window – decent alternative to the standard TSW, but fails for scribes.

**Lil-Smokey’s correction** Lil-Sparky’s Workshop  – further expands tradeskill window with average cost of mats, and links with auctioneer to display current going price of the finished good. great for seeing your best moneymakers.

DBM – deadly boss mods – a given if you even consider raiding, and useful even for 5mans.

Omen – Threat meter – While boomkin are not as squishy as a mage, or for that matter even a hunter. 😛 it’s best not to pull agro on da boss.

Recount – Damage meter/healing meter – useful as a tool to help tune performance, it annoys me when people use it for bragging rights. “oh wow, you only did 2100 dps that fight? you luzer…….” right.. /kick

iceHUD – I use a heads up display to have my health/resource bars, (along with my pet’s, and my target’s) displayed beside my character instead of up in a corner. I like to keep my eyes on the prize.

Titan Panel – informational bar, i usually keep this one push-pinned to auto hide. I like the info, just not all the time.

decursive – no brainer here,

Elephant – chat logger. elephant never phorgets.

alt-o-haulic – Hi, my name is katt and i’m an altohaulic… – this lets you see tons of information about the characters you aren’t even logged into. their gear, tradeskills, bags, talents, glyphs, ect.. even lets you look at toons on other servers/factions


Things I would like to find/develop

for fun, a long while back there was an addon called guild quest (i think) that let you give guild members private quests.  They would have to have the addon installed to receive the quest, but could be quite fun.. The way I would imagine it being used, is in the case of a guild officer. You give the quest of gathering x number of y item and presenting it to the officer, in exchange for money/made up guild currency/dkp/guild bank item.  or the Gquest might be to obtain a particular mount. (Say you have an arena team of 5 boomkin and you want everyone mounted identically.. ) Or you might be tasked to lead an instance run for lowbies. it could be an action oriented way of determining qualifications for advancement in the guild.

a cross server player rating system. – lets you know a bit about people you are pugging with. Say you Run with billybadaxe (former guild master of mine, great guy) and it was your first time grouping with him, if you had this system in place, it might show a rating of 4.5 stars. Comments would include things like, good tank, good dps, protects his healers well. or you might run into ninjacheaterbob (madeup name this one) who is rated a 0.9 stars and has comments of loot ninja, lousy dps, bails on runs if they get difficult. This system would also be great for prospective guild masters to research new recuits. If someone has been commented on as a guild bank theif… big red flag there. Could even have multiple levels of ratings, say, personality, pvp skill, pve skill, overall rating (average of the others).

I do have a programming background, but how to do this eludes me.

Actually, the rating system is something i would like to see become an ingame feature.

Well, I’ve run out of ideas for now. Talk to you guys later. Please, feel free to comment and offer suggestions on add-ons y’all would like to find/develop.

8 Responses to “UI addons”

  1. 1 Wellsee

    I was curious about Lil-smokey’s workshop addon, but couldn’t find it. Looks like it is “Lilsparky’s Workshop”. http://www.wowace.com/addons/lil-sparkys-workshop/ Right? Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to check it out.

  2. Yeah, you are right, sparky’s not smokeys.. lol that’s what i get for posting from work..

  3. Ooh I like the sound of alt-o-haulic, I think I’ll check that out.

    I pretty much use all the usual ones for raiding, omen, recount, decursive, deadly boss mods. I also use squawk and awe, most helpful.

    Other than raiding addons I also use titan panel, x-perl, gatherer, critline (keeps track of your highest spell hits/crits and you can even set it up to take a screenie it when you get a new record) and sexymap.

  4. yeah altohaulic’s nice to have. i’ve been known to link my alts current profession lists from my main if someone wanted to know if i have a particular pattern. i believe it will also tell me if a particular pattern is learnable by any of my alts. (something does, not sure which)

    Does anyone have a background in addon development? I would like to team up with someone to work on the player created quest idea. or if anyone has a copy of the old one, i could probably reverse engineer/update it to work.

  5. I’ve never dabbled in addon development, but after reading this I came across this post on wow.com.


    Might be worth entering if you’re in the US/Canada (I’m in UK).

  6. Thanks Kalacios i’ve just now gone to the site and put my name in the backpack. (they don’t make hats big enough for all the names i saw there)

  7. 7 Balkar

    Check out Elitist group. It allows you to rate each member of a group, add comments, and share them in your guild.

  8. awesome balkar i’ll check that out.

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