Katt the second awake again


So, after getting things settled in for the night, I sat down to decide what to do.

Do I go do another random heroic for badges (bleah.. can’t face halls of stone again for a few days)?

Do I work on a lowbie on my main server (I have 5 under 70 to play with)?

Or, do I go work on my baby bear over on BBB’s server?


After a few milliseconds mental debate, I decide I want to be where nobody knows me.. so off to BBB’s server for some R&R. I like his server, it’s moderately quiet and there are only 3 people on my friend list there, BBB (one of his forms), and a guildie from my home server that likes to join me for some R&R from time to time. Lil’ Katt was sitting quietly at lvl 22 when I started last night. I decided to run two randoms selecting tank/dps roles. For some odd reason, I was tank both times.. /shrug

The first round was stockades the group was sitting at the end of the main hallway at the T junction. I roll on down and we go kill basil, get out little sack of loot and go home. I was happy, got a nice little blue feral leather belt. Vigorous belt of the wild

I must learn some day to quit while I’m ahead, the second random pug, wasn’t bad, but had some weirdness in it. Again, I was selected for tank, when I zoned in, it was BFD (not a favorite, but at least it’s not gnomehell.) The group contained a hunter, a pally, a mage, and a priest. Good mix of classes in my mind. They had already gotten past the turtle so I had to catch up. I died almost immediately from one of those %@&* murlocs, it started chewing on my flippers while I was in the water. I finally make it to the others and we proceed through the instance with a few minor inconveniences. Mostly murlocs…. Someone/something pulled half of the room with the murloc boss and I just didn’t have the ability yet to put out enough threat to keep em all on me. It seemed that no matter what I did, the pally ended up covered in things; the healer was pulling agro trying to keep both the pally and me healed. And when the pally died, the critters went after the priest instead of me. I finally discovered what it was.. Paladins have this ability that increases threat from holy spells by like 90% and he was running with that up the entire time. And pulling different mobs than what I was going to. We make it into the room with the braziers, I’m LOS pulling the blueberries and their masters back into the hallway, and he runs out and pulls the boss. We manage to keep it together and scrape a win tho. I asked him to either assume the tanking position totally, or turn off that ability and let me tank it… Things went much better after that.

The other oddity I faced was the hunter was in melee way too much. Turns out his bow was broken… ok, having had that happen from time to time, I can understand that, but what I couldn’t understand was why he didn’t port out, repair and port back… We decided to skip the underwater boss, and went on to kill the hydra. By then the group was following my direction fairly well, they discovered in the brazier room that I knew what was going on. We were making turtle soup left and right and then make it to the big guy and he goes down hard and fast. They did over agro me 3 times in the fight, but I was able to bring him back each time with a growl, FFF, and a maul or swipe. I got a lesser useful casting cloak from that sack of goodies. Tumultuous Cloak of the Sorcerer

After that I decided not to press my luck, and opted instead to finish up some westfall quests I had lying about, and then head over to stormwind and the plan was to go on to redridge after, but It was getting late.. All in all, Katt the second had a good night.

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