Murder most fowl


Yay a new holiday, centered around eating food.. gotta love it. It’s a great chance for the lazy among us to finally get that cooking skill up to 300+…

I went from about 180 to 300 in mere minutes last night, now i’m ready to tackle outland foods and eventually northrend foods/feasts. A quick run down on where to find your ingredients should you not know.. (sorry my friends in red, i don’t know your side of it, but wowwiki does.)

Sweet potatoes – Vendor in Darnassus
Cranberries – Vendor just outside Ironforge
Punkins – Vendor just outside Stormwind
Turkeys – gotta kill em all… er.. all over elwynn forrest.

According to wowwiki you can cook your way 1-355 with the pilgrim’s bounty foods.

Participating in this event and cooking these items is an excellent way of raising your cooking skill to 300 or above quickly and at low cost. The materials are inexpensive and available in practically unlimited quantities. The minimal required level starts at 1, and the recipes stay orange over a long range. Each recipe turns yellow only 10 levels below the requirement of the next level.
Make 70 of the Spice Bread Stuffing (including 70 of the Spice Bread as an ingredient) and 70 of the Pumpkin Pie, and 65 of the other recipes, Sweet Potato, Chutney, and Turkey in turn, learning each next recipe when it becomes available. While you are at it, the production will be enough for the event quests and three sets of the dailies.
The Turkey recipe is still orange at 329 cooking skill, but you will need to go to Outland or Northrend to train Master level cooking before or at 300. The Turkey recipe doesn’t turn gray until level 355 so it is an easy way to get your cooking all the way to Grand Master level.

There are daily quests to do as well, the wiki page gives you some sage advice on how to save thyme doing them all. Well guys, I better sign off before someone beats the stuffing out of me for all these puns.

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