Just a minute dear


Have you ever had that one more quest and i’m done moment? Yesterday, I was logging in my characters to collect the whelpling pet from the 5th anniversary. It’s very cute, but logging in that many characters to pick up one piece of mail is annoying. After finishing that task I thought I would spend a little time finishing up a project left abandoned for months. Katt is my achievement sponge, I still want the 50 mount achievement. (at 29 mounts right now, with 41 pets) I was looking at my reputation levels, and i’m a scant 6k rep from getting my netherdrakes. So I logged Katt in planning to go do those netherwing dailys or at least hunt for some eggs. Instead, my new guild invited me to join a nexus run for one of the toons still leveling up.

So the LVL 80 crit chicken goes back to regular nexus. sounds fun at least, it’s mostly a guild run, we have one guy that was just picked up. In the group, we have a lowbie warrior (the pug), a lowbie DK (the guildie), a pally in training, a mage, and myself. I was thinking, awesome, warrior tank, pally healing, i’m free to rain down the pain and see about showing up the mage on the meter… slight hitch.. the warrior isn’t a tank. That means the pally has to tank. which means… i have to branch out and heal. Well, my bark isn’t worse than my bite in small groups.. so i Tree out and we are ready to go.

In tree form, i’m sitting at about 1800 bonus healz, nothing to sneeze at but, not truly epic healing. From the first pull i can tell we are going to have trouble. The warrior’s health is dropping faster than the tanks.. which means.. someone’s not doing something right. I told the group, that i’m not that used to healing, and my job is to keep the tank alive, and if you pull agro you will probably die. the warning received we proceed. as we are going along, i keep looking at my meters now set to healing received, the warrior is consistently higher than the tank, meaning he’s getting the agro instead of the tank. We start checking over our tank’s setup and he’s missing a major threat generating skill. (i don’t play one as a tank, so i don’t know which.) but once that’s in place threat becomes a non-issue.
and thanks to Vuhdo i’m happily playing whack a mole and keeping everyone alive without breaking a sweat. nobody died, and as a whole everyone had fun. Even me. More than half of my healing done was through the AOE heal.

Somewhere in the midst of this my other half had finally awoken (this being very late sunday morning) and beckoned to the kitchen for some culinary adventuring. When the run finished, I was asked to join them for a heroic. I decided to decline since others were awake finally. I’m lucky to have such a patient spouse.

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