How to balance Family and entertainment


Well guys and gals, i’m slowly re-integrating my new and old lives together, my old life of playing wow whenever I was not at work has had to become something different.

I was lucky to find a mate that accepts my gaming as a part of who I am, as long as it doesn’t preclude us living a happy life together. Sadly, my wow friends are having to learn to make due without me more often than not. Because my attitude when playing the game is very different from when i’m not, I have sworn not to be online while our children are awake.

There is still enough time to have a bit of fun with the game after the kids go to bed. (at least till they are old enough to be invited to the guild…) I have plenty of alts to work on and gather material for this site. I must say I do like the scroll of cold weather flying.. I have 4 toons in flight now.

To anyone else in a similar situation, (blending families and having game time issues) All I can offer in advice is take stock of what you really want. Wow, while fun, won’t keep you warm at night, won’t make you chicken soup when you are sick, won’t suggest you have something better to do in another room.

That said, your significant other, while incredibly wonderful, unless s/he is a fellow gamer, couldn’t help you stomp ulduar.

To those of you lucky enough to have a SO that plays the same game as you, rock on. To the rest of us, think hard about your choices.

I want to know about y’alls family situations.

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