Weee are the champions….


amI really must start taking screenshots when things happen. But, last night I finally became a champion of darnassus. In another 3-4 days I should also become exalted champion, and possibly at the same time, champ for the space goats.. (always wanted an elekk)

For those that are having difficulty with the jousting. With some exceptions, here’s a strategy that works well. Keep your shield stacked to 3, get in melee range, swing till your opponent tries to get out of range, toss a shield break and run back into melee range. if you are lucky you can get in a few hits with him only having 2 stacks of defend up. then it becomes a number cruncher.

if he is hitting you for 350 a hit, and you are hitting him for 350 a hit will be long, drawn out fight. If you are getting in a 1600 hit while denying him that opportunity you will gain ground. If you time it right, you can get in 2-3x 1600 hits while he’s only hitting you for 350.

Now, remember me saying something about exceptions? this does not work against the elekk rider npc’s. their melee swing has a shield break component.  I have yet to beat them, as my isp stinks and lag happens at the wrong times.

My goal is to become exalted champion with all 5 racials so that I can acquire the standard mounts, as well as the tournament mounts. I’m currently sitting at 14 mounts, far cry from the 50 for the white drake. But thanks to the tourney, I will eventually gain 34 more mounts, which still leaves me 2 shy of the magical 50.  So, I will have to head back to outland, finish up my last 2k cenarion rep for the hippogriff, finish up my netherwing, and skyguard (should put me at around66 mounts by that point) having succeeded in hitting 50 i’ll then push on for the 100 mount stable. what’s another 34??

hm, pvp mounts for each faction, plus a special one from stormpike, there’s another 6. (perhaps go after the talbuks next) that’s another 6, more for the pvp talbuks, then must start trying for the special drop mounts, ZG has 2, strat has one, sunwell has one, the eye has one, headless horseman has one, and beerfest has 2. One of these days will buy the vendormobile and the bikes. Oh can’t forget the AQ inside the instance only mounts. – i’m thinking that 100 is acheiveable.

I still want my stupid oracle egg to give me the green proto-drake…. obsessive much?

**** Edit 5/5/09 ****

In the last 4 days, I’ve gone from champion, to exalted champion for the “of Darnassus” title, and acheived exalted with Stormwind, and the Exodar. I’m about halfway through revered with gnomes and dwarves, and haven’t even been working on them.  I’m either 4 or 6 tokens (forgot which) from exodar champion/exalted champion and starting on gnomes. I did go ahead and buy the 6 human horses, and the 6 elekks. Had a blast running with a shaman that put water walking on me.. was standing out in the middle of the water on a purple elekk.

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