The End of an Era


It is sad to report that one of the most outspoken, knowledgeable, and well known of WOW hunters will be leaving our ranks possibly permanently. We all face the challenge and decision he has faced and will all make our own decisions.  Me, I think he is doing what is right for him and his family.  If we allow it to, WOW can consume us and bring us down as any addiction to drugs or alcohol can.  BRK chose wisely, Family first.

Here is his farewell..

Anything in excess can be very bad for you, limit yourselves in how much you play. Instead of spending all your time on the computer  go outside and see daylight once in a while. Do some creative writing, inventing, learn to play an instrument. You will find that you do enjoy your wow time just as much as ever, but you have other things that will also make you happy.

To BRK and family, I wish you the best for your future.  Mrs. BRK the digital mistress (WOW) is gone, you remain, it’s a major statement of his feelings toward you in how he chose to respond to the situation.  BRK you hang in there, you gave hunters a great foundation to build on, we can take it from here.  We will miss you.

To anyone else struggling with the same issue of family vs. wow games. WAKE UP.. Your family needs you, junior’s t-ball game might not be as exciting as downing the lich king with 24 buddies.. but, at the end of the day, it’s a lot more rewarding.  I count myself fortunate, I grew up in a two parent household full of love. My mother could not work after severe medical problems in the mid-80’s so my father worked to bring in the sole income for our household as a machinist for about 40 of his now 70 years.. At the end of the day (some of them 10-12 hours long of standing at a machine making sure the cutting tool bit into the metal in precisely the right manner) he would come into the house grimy, greasy, dirty, and exhausted. After a quick shower and some good food, he would still, tired as he was, try to play some basketball with me, or attend a play, a ball game, or whatever I happened to be doing in school. That was part of his job, as much as turning metal at 10000 rpms. That is what it means to be a real father, you put your family first. Your responsibilities do not end when the paycheck clears the bank. Bowling night (or now in our generation Wow night) is a luxury when you stop and look at the big picture. You may not get epic loot from being a good father or husband, but then again, the rewards can be legendary.

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