The egg of the oracles


I’ve been keeping the oracle eggs warmed up (what better for a space chicken to do eh?) and have hatched out a couple of the white tickbird hatchlings, a tickbird hatchling of normal color, and a protodrake whelp.  I have found the oracles to be an interesting faction. The little war between them and the “puppymen” is amusing. Eventually, I will have the green protodrake mount, and will fly off and leave the oracles to their business, or perhaps I will stick with them and provide mounts and pets for the rest of my crew. I haven’t decided yet.

— Edit —
Well, i’m on my 3rd white tickbird, second normal tickbird.. i still haven’t gotten a protodrake mount.. I need to get back to doing daily quests and hit exalted. maybe i’ll have a better chance at exalted.

— Another Edit —

Lost track of the number of eggs, but I have now gotten both types of tickbirds, the protodrake whelp, and now the snake.

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