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I was off reading my favorite blog (written by someone other than myself) and came across a request for boomkin info. I realized that lately my posts have been a bit lean on useful information, and heavy on opinion. So.. I will try to (in this and the series of posts that I intend to follow this) lay out some good general guides to being a fine feathered friend.

Leveling your druid

1-20 – This is probably the most tedious part of the level grind. I vaugely remember this portion as it was so long ago. Questing and not grinding is your focus. I will link my thoughts (y’all are welcome to comment and tell me i’m an ID10T if you want.) about talent picks for both a feral -> moonkin path and a straight balance path.

at 20 you should have cat, bear, and angry seal form and be in a position to be a nice little sneaky PITA. Here is my suggestion for lvl 20 talents for both feral and balance

LVL20 Suggestion – this gives you reduced pushback on your spells, improved rage/energy on shapeshifting, cheaper cost to shift, and Omen of clarity. (even now at 80, OOC is crucial to my mana pool)

21-30 – you are starting to get into the meat of the game, at 30 you now get your mount, you also get travel form which is almost as fast, and has other benefits (no dismount to herb anyone?)

LVL 30 Feral – reduced cost to main abilities, better prowl, increased damage/crit strike

LVL 30 Balance – reduced cast time for wrath. (main attack as it’s a faster cast)

31-40 – more of the same you do get a massive armor boost at 40 with dire bear form

LVL 40 Feral – more damage, improved movement speed, an OS button, and an armor boost.

LVL 40 Balance/resto – Nature’s reach.. wonderful talent, increases range and reduces threat. One could also alternately respec totally to get moonkin at lvl 40 if they wished. Following my balance/resto path would take till 56 to get to moonkin form. up to you how you do it.

LVL 40 Pure Balance – Moonkin form at it’s earliest

41-50 – no major game changers here.

LVL 50 Feral – here’s where I stop feral talents and respec to pure balance.

LVL 50 pure Balance – (31/0/10) Going back for the resto talents we dropped earlier

LVL 50 Balance/resto – (26/0/15)

OK after this point, things should soon be back on track to a single branching path.

51-60 Last push before outland

LVL 60 Pure Balance (34/0/17) My various branches meet up at lvl 60

LVL 70 Build (44/0/17) Typhoon and Force of nature. Typhoon is a great AOE Cone attack.. just be careful the knockback can annoy your furry companions.

My current lvl 80 build – theorycrafters have been going back and forth about the benefits of eclipse, you will note that I don’t have it. In my current setup, gear/talents solo I’m good for 1600-1800 dps, in raid that’s more like 1800-2100 which is adequate. I’m sure that I could min/max things to improve it. I’m still trying to gear up, but have several nice peices from naxx 10/25 and heroics.

The best advice I can give to prospective or curious boomers is to just do all the quests you can. A boomer is really a support character, so you need to build up a nice group of friends to run with. They will be your lifeline, as well as you theirs. (Battle rez + non-com rez is a very nice feature to bring to the group.) I hope this has been of some use to you. check back for more later. I think my next post will be a number cruncher with stat priorities, things to aim for, and how to get them with the gear you can get.

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