A case of alt-itis.


Most of the time, I’m completely happy floating around northrend or sometimes even outland as a stormcrow. Breaking stride to drop down and attack something unaware of my presence above. Being a bird of prey has it’s advantages.

Raiding can be fun, questing as well. But there are times, times when I want to go do something different, either new or old doesn’t matter to me as long as it is different from what I have been doing.

One of these days, I’ll summon up the nerve to try to sneak into orgrimmar and do some fishing and run RFC under the noses of thrall and his adventurer friends. (might require a momentary respec to get the feral skill to make my prowl harder to detect.) But, eventually I will do those, and also will join a raid to take out the horde leaders.

One of the easiest ways for me to see different sights is to hop on one of my many alts. I have my crew on Kul Tiras (9 plus a bank) I also have a few scattered on other servers mainly for when my main area is down. (hasn’t happened in months) I still have a hunter on alexstrazia server that is lvl 16 and has been that lvl for about 3 years.

Right now my favorite alt is my deathknight. I enjoyed the starter area very much, had no problem whatsoever with the morality of the things my dk was asked to do as a minion of the LK. Once freed I consider my dk to be a smelly animal that helps protect the good people from other smellier animals. Essentially a dark version of the rangers of hobbit legend.

Among my other favorites are my gnome mage (very close to starting northrend now), and my two hunters. (both dwarf and nelf) Many of my guild mates asked me why I wanted/needed two hunters. I have no real reason other than I enjoyed my first hunter, and made a second to directly compare different ways of doing things. (since we don’t have dual spec yet this is still somewhat valid in thought)

I recently started a shaman again. I had long ago made one, scrapped him, made another, scrapped him, made a third horde one, scrapped him eventually from lack of playtime. This shaman is part of a 2man pair that will be levelling up together, we only play these when the other is on and willing to play our lowbies. So the shaman and his hunter friend are exploring bloodmyst isle right now. And having a blast doing so instead of pure solo play. This is afterall a multiplayer game right?

I have a warlock and a paladin that havent seen the light of day in a long time. and my bank is a rogue. (only use i was willing to put a rogue to. as who better than a theif to protect things from theives?) hm, by my count that’s only 9.. I must have one more somewhere…

Oh yeah.. /snap my shadow priest was hiding there. I always forget that one.. (therefore gets little time in the sun)

I am anxious to get my DK, mage and at least one of my hunters up to 80. (tough choice there, dwarf engineer or nelf leatherworker) I want to still map out how to unlock all of icecrown. I have a fair idea on that now, having unlocked and completed much of it.

Well, back to work I go.

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