The wonderful world of raiding.


Ok, solo play can be really fun, you can mess around with your abilities and see what will and won’t work against this critter or that. But, If your guild can get to the point where it can start raiding, whole new worlds open up to you.

To be a successful raider, you have to learn to play well with others. (unless you are the guy playing 26 accounts at once so he can soloraid with a full group.)

There are a lot of group dynamics that have to be examined. Racial and class abilities that synergize well, the skill and attitude of the various people, and of course time committments.

A typical run through Naxxramas can take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days of 3 hours depending on the speed of the pulls, the dps output, the deathcount, and the way looting is handled.

Progression guilds might find it takes even longer as they may not be up to the full run yet. My guild is in the progression mode right now, we have fun and are learning the fights.

Our 10 man group has successfully cleared Naxx and has attempted malygos.

Our 25 man group has cleared 3 wings, and the first two bosses on the construct wing. Gluth was really hungry the last time we faced him… But, having done it on 10 man, we know a bit better what we need to do on the 25 man version. And I just know that Thaddius will be a real blast on 25. I enjoyed that fight in the 10 man. People have to learn to be aware of their surroundings and know where they are.

The one thing that causes friction in a raid group, or even in a 5man if it’s not done right is loot. There are lots of systems of deciding who gets the goodies, anything from simple need/greed rolling to Master looting and letting one person decide who gets it, to full blown DKP/EPGP systems. The DKP systems take the human decision element out of the equation so that it’s just numbers deciding. (other than the decision to pass on the loot in favor of someone else or another item leading to people hoarding their points)

From a moonkin’s perspective, raidgroups love having one, the moonkin aura grants extra crit, Imp. Faery Fire grants extra hit and reduces armor, Insect Swarm reduces the boss hit ability slightly, you have a battle rez and an emergency healer all wrapped up in a feathered package.

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