Icecrown unlocked


I must say that Icecrown is probably the most dynamic zone I have encountered yet. You really get a feeling of accomplishment as you unlock each little subzone and open up new quest hubs and flight points. The amount of lore packed into this zone is incredible as well. This is a zone well worth questing even after you hit 80, actually especially after you hit 80 as many of the mobs will be 79-80 already.

So far, I’m about 70% through the zone’s quest line judging by the acheivement. I have unlocked 3 flight paths, and 4 quest hubs. I could probably fill my quota of daily quests just off what I have available in icecrown now. The quest rewards are hit and miss especially if you have ducked into naxx 10/25, OS 10/25, and VoA 10/25 at all. I was really happy with my last naxx 25 run, got a very nice helm, and the caster fist weapon that just reeks of moonkin drool.  And on my last naxx 10 run, I was asked to pinch hit for a replacement on 4 horsemen fight. (my first time on that fight) and the t7 chest peice came up for grabs. To my delight nobody else rolled.

I must paws and thank my guild mates for their patience with me, I had just got home from a lukewarm blind date, and a different match called me up and was chatting my ear off so I had vent muted. I think it took us 5 tries once I got there. But the horsemen went down finally.

Back to the post..

My favorite moment was the fall after the explosion and the chain that starts from that. You get to see and even control the lich king on a couple occasions.

My next toon to go through will document what quests unlock what areas. I’m still going through exploring everything and geeking out about all the subtle things the programmers did. Speaking of my next toon, I will put that into a seperate post, but I have a bit of a soapbox rant about my toons.

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