Dragonblight almost finished


I’m sure i’ve missed some of the quests in dragonblight, I haven’t gotten the acheivement yet, but..

I completed the main questline ending at that little outpost in the northeast corner. For those of you that haven’t done this yet, I won’t give any spoilers. But, apart from quest rewards and gold, the experience is worth it. (And i’m not talking about experience toward leveling.) I’ll write a password protected post for those looking for spoilers and/or have already done this segment. (**Forsaken**)

For everyone else, If you haven’t explored much of dragonblight yet, start from the walrus village and work west. The quests on the west side will get you prepared for wyrmrest and the fun stuff on the east side.

At wintergarde keep, you have to do the aerial rescue mission to unlock the town/vendors/services. That quest is not extremely hard, but you have to be at a full stop for the rescuee to hop aboard.

At wyrmrest when doing the daily, use hit and run tactics, you have a healing ability and a speed boost. use them to get to momentary safety and keep your dragon healed. And have to be at the base (bottom) of the blue shrine to use the disrupt ability.

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  1. 1 Amacianecros

    Dragonblight was fun only 11 more quests left then on to the rest of Northrend, lol.

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