This is quickly turning into a blog of the stupid things I do.. but then, if we can’t laugh at ourselves.. Everyone but us will be laughing anyway.

This particular /facepalm was while grouped up with some excellent friends of mine. I had wandered off from Wintergarde Keep to weaken and kill an elite for a quest. I was on my way back to the keep when my friends took off for New Hearthglen and I was in hot pursuit to catch up. (a useless gesture as one of the pair I was grouped with was a pally.) I knew where I was going to, which gave me a slight advantage I thought.

As it turns out, Yes, and No.. in my haste to join my friends and get where we were going, I carelessly went over the edge of a cliff and went.. Splat. My friends noticed that I died but I told them to go on, they would never find me in those little trails at the base of the cliff. So I corpse walked back. When I had mind and body reunited, I peeked at the map to see where they were. They had gone off course and were on the other side of the Green Dragonshrine. I pointed out their navigational error, and proceeded to our goal. It seems that New Hearthglen is hard to get into from the shoreline.. I actually ended up arriving well ahead of my friends.

We killed the guy that we were there for and took his head back to the keep.

Word to the wise, The man in a headlong rush will not see the edge of a cliff until it is too late to stop. Only a level to go and I can fly again.. 🙂

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