Pre Naxx Gear list


Ok, Katt is only up to 75 now, but I did some digging anyway and I found a list of Pre NAXX gear that is supposed to be moderately easy to acquire.

head: [The Argent Skullcap]
neck: [Choker of Binding]
shoulders: [Frostsavage Shoulders]
cape: [Dark Soldier Cape]
chest: [Drakewing Raiments]
bracers [Azure Cloth Bindings]
gloves: [Lava Burn Gloves]
belt: [Girdle of Bane]
legs: [Crenelation Leggings]
1h weapon: [Flameheart Spell Scalpel]
off-hand: [Telestra’s Journal]
boots: [Tundra Wolf Boots]
ring: [Ring of Temerity]
ring: [Bat-Wool Signet]
trinket: [Mendicant’s Charm]
trinket: [Tome of Arcane Phenomena]

I did notice that several of the items were cloth instead of leather. but.. casters shouldn’t get hit anyway right?

Here’s the summary of what raw stats this gear set will give you.

Armor – 2162 (-202 difference from current gear, but in moonkin form, that 2162 armor should roughly = 10-11k of armor)
Stamina – 484 (+83)
Intellect – 589 (+253)
Spirit – 72 (-24)
Hit rating – 266 (+191)
Crit Strike rating – 295 (+155)
Spellpower – 1226 (+443)
MP/5 – 10 (-27)
Resilience – 34 (-27)
Haste Rating – 63 (-12)

This gear is designed to get you near the hit cap and a decent crit strike rate. These items will be readily replaced with your Heroic and T7 peices as they drop.

I do not particularly like the listed gear as it’s cloth, but I’ll give it a try and see what it does for me. Luckily, in moonkin form I don’t have to worry about what it looks like. /smirk

My deathknight however, has to be conscious of how he looks. Don’t want him looking like some common warrior now do I? I was disappointed to discover that the lvl 70 rep set that you can get for all other classes doesn’t exist for DK’s, I hope I can find some suitably evil looking gear somewhere. Got the quest reward for doing hellfire ramparts, the jade shoulders.. look horrible up next to the blue starter set.. I switched back to the blue set shoulders after trying the jade ones on.

I’ll put up a continuation of this post when I find all that gear.

3 Responses to “Pre Naxx Gear list”

  1. As one boomkin to another —

    There’s a crit strike cap? Who knew, you learn something new every day…I’ve looked and I can’t seem to find anything on this; you wouldn’t happen to know what the “crit cap” is would you (at 80)?

    75 Boomkin
    Emerald Dream-US

    • 2 nitron2

      I do not know right now, But I will dig around to find out.
      **** Edit Below ****
      Ok, I may have incorrectly summarized what I had previously read. I have been unable to find any definite crit strike cap, but from my moderate research in answering the comment above. Most of my sources put stat necessity in this order Hit > Spell Power > Crit

      This comes from an old post by sapphiron pre-wotlk

      Damage vs. Crit vs. Hit
      This is probably the most common question asked. To make a long story short, Hit > Damage > Crit. Always – casting rotation does not matter. It is irrefutable, and though streaks of good or bad luck might give you a fight with skewed data, the relationship among hit, damage, and crit holds true overall. Note that this is only on a ‘per-point’ basis. A fairly good ballpark conversion is: 1 point of spell hit = 1.15 points of spell damage, and 1 point of spell crit = 0.65 points of spell damage.

  2. 3 nitron2

    As it turns out, I never did collect this gear to test with. As soon as Katt got to 80, she was invited into naxx groups right away and started massive gear upgrades very quickly. Even with a DKP system in place. We actually were having races to see who could go the furthest negative which, i’m glad to say, I didn’t win.

    Perhaps on my new druid on another server where i’m unguilded, I will acheive the lofty level heights of 80 and collect it and be able to further comment on the effectiveness of this list.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting.. that druid (tauren named badmoorising) will not be seeing outland or northrend for quite some time.

    Edit 11/23/09
    Due to changes in the badge vendors pre-icecrown one can farm heroics enough to collect a full Tier 9 set, bypassing Naxx and Uldar. So, one only needs good enough gear to get into heroics.

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