The druid in the fjord.


When I first stepped off the boat into Howling Fjord I was at first amazed by the incredible scenery blizzard had given us. Proceeded to locate all the important people in the new town. Flight master, the bartender, the innkeeper, then all the profession trainers. (Katt is an alchemist and herbalist) Then with all the maintenance done I started picking up the quests and taking my time to read them and soak in the lore. (This expansion is heavy with lore, some of the best storytelling to date, and I’ve only gotten through one zone.)

One thing does seem to be in abundance in Northrend, and that is water you have to cross. Being a druid, this doesn’t especially bother me, angry seal form being what it is. Tho the shaman have a nice trick up their sleeves.. Water walking + Mount FTW. But druids come in a close second.

Eventually, I made it up out of the valley onto the highlands, and started into the explorer’s league quests. I won’t give anything away to people not yet into Northrend, but the quests are quite inventive. From there went onto Westguard keep and found a nice daily bombing quest. Well, it’s nice when you have a group with you all doing it at the same time. Solo that quest takes a long time, even longer if other groups are going at the same time. (my record worst so far is 4 trips to complete) After that there is the infamous (tho hopefully being fixed as we speak) Steel gate airplane quest. If you listen to the chat about every 30 seconds someone would ask.. “is the airplane quest still bugged?” I’ve come to the conclusion that people don’t really read their chat while playing, only when they are stopped to sell/repair, or when they encounter a problem.

Located the new fort being built in the northeast part of the map, wildervar i think it is. Quite a few interesting quests there, from waking up a sleeping giant yeti, to picking up little critters caught in traps. I’m closing in on the 130 quest mark for Fjord for the acheivement, less than 10 to go, and hit lvl 72 finally.

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