How I became a Boomkin


Like many young druids Kattrinsaa of Kul-Tiras started out life learning about the ways of the bear, the cat, the angy sea lion, and finally the cheetah. That knowledge and information gleaned from internet sources far beyond the great tree island led to a feral dps of moderate skill.

As time wore on, the cat grew up and started trying to protect those around her and became more and more a big bear. Eventually getting into raiding with one guild and then moving on to another due to some attitude adjustments.

The second guild <Balance> was already stocked with bear tanks (at least 3, plus a couple trees thrown in for good measure) so what is a mediocre bear with a poor internet connection to do? Well, after doing a lot of reading up on the subject, Katt decided to focus her efforts on becoming balanced. Yes.. a Balance druid joined Balance guild.

The first week was full of unexpected and incredibly pleasant surprises. Going on raids and getting to use her skills fully became a joy instead of a job. Granted the shamans usually did not like being grouped up as they tended to die a bit too quick because of that silly aura causing them to crit off the chart but i digress.

As time went by this character which had slipped into her player’s second or third favorite role quickly bubbled to the top, or more accurately blew in like a hurricane. (Not to be confused or attributed with that horrible storm that hit the coast previously, Katt had her name long before that storm did. And some people actually had the nerve to tell me I should reroll my character whos name is not even identical to that storm, simply because it’s similar. People it’s a game, if you are that sensitive that a similarity is enough to offend you. Seek help..)

Suffice to say, Katt found her calling in Azeroth, and that was to dish out as much damage as was elvishly possible.

Fast forward to Nov 13, 2008. Katt’s player is standing in line (3rd place in line actually) at the local Wal-Mart awaiting the release of WOTLK. A mere 2 hours later all the patches are downloaded and in place, and Katt is the first of her player’s characters to scout out the new world. More to come in The druid in the fjord.

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